"Striking Back" by Lucas Kello

Striking Back How the West is Failing on National Security Lucas Kello

Publication date:
26 Jul 2022
Yale University Press
320 pages: 235 x 152mm
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How can western nations, faced with relentless technological aggression in the twenty-first century, fight back to preserve international stability?

Conflict in the last century was defined by the horrific potential of physical and especially nuclear war. Now we are in a new technological era—a world of more subtle, yet no less grave, threats, an environment in which various actors can deeply penetrate vital infrastructures and instigate diplomatic and military crises. Today, computer code is the weapon of choice. Can anything be done beyond shoring up our defenses in a state of permanent insecurity?
Lucas Kello delves into recent history to reveal the failures of the present policy in preventing and punishing cyberattacks and other forms of technological aggression. Drawing upon case studies and interviews, Kello develops a bold new solution—a coordinated retaliation strategy that justly and effectively responds to attacks and deters further antagonism. This book provides an approachable yet nuanced exploration of national security and survival in the twenty-first century.

Lucas Kello is associate professor of international relations at Oxford University, where he serves as senior lecturer/director of the Centre for Technology and Global Affairs. He is the author of The Virtual Weapon and International Order.