The Mathematics Lover’s Companion Masterpieces for Everyone Edward R. Scheinerman

Publication date:
09 Feb 2021
Yale University Press
296 pages: 235 x 165mm
106 b-w illus.
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Twenty-three mathematical masterpieces for exploration and enlightenment

“A mind-broadening experience.”—Paul J. Campbell, Mathematics Magazine

How can a shape have more than one dimension but fewer than two? What is the best way to elect public officials when more than two candidates are vying for the office? Is it possible for a highly accurate medical test to give mostly incorrect results? Can you tile your floor with regular pentagons? How can you use only the first digit of sales numbers to determine if your accountant is lying? Can mathematics give insights into free will?
Edward Scheinerman, an accomplished mathematician and enthusiastic educator, answers all these questions and more in this book, a collection of mathematical masterworks. In bite-sized chapters that require only high school algebra, he invites readers to try their hands at solving mathematical puzzles and provides an engaging and friendly tour of numbers, shapes, and uncertainty. The result is an unforgettable introduction to the fundamentals and pleasures of thinking mathematically.

Edward Scheinerman is professor of applied mathematics and vice dean for engineering education at Johns Hopkins University. He has twice won the Mathematical Association of America’s Ford Award for excellent mathematical writing.

"Twenty-three masterworks whose analysis Scheinerman presents with rigor and accessibility."—James Ryerson, New York Times Book Review

"I recommend this book to anyone with an interest in mathematics, including those mathematicians who want to experience again the excitement and surprise to be found in the study of mathematics."—Terence Morley, Mathematics Today

"An accessible presentation of some of the most compelling and beautiful ideas of mathematics. Scheinerman demonstrates the diversity and liveliness of the subject in a friendly and inviting way."—Susan Jane Colley, Oberlin College and Editor, The American Mathematical Monthly

"A great read for anyone who wants to learn what math really is, no prerequisites required. And those of us in the field are reminded of what first drew us to it."—Maria Chudnovsky, Princeton University and 2012 MacArthur Fellow

"In this well-written book, the reader is taken on a fascinating journey across a broad landscape of beautiful mathematics."—Ron Graham, author of Magical Mathematics

"A clear and lively exposition that will entice non-mathematicians into the world of mathematics."—Anna Lachowska, coauthor of Beautiful, Simple, Exact, Crazy: Mathematics in the Real World

"An elegant sampler of many beautiful and interesting mathematical topics. This could become one of the best books available for a popular audience interested in what mathematics really is."—Jayadev Athreya, University of Washington