100 Poets A Little Anthology John Carey

Publication date:
14 Sep 2021
Yale University Press
280 pages: 216 x 140mm
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A wonderfully readable anthology of our greatest poetry, chosen by the author of A Little History of Poetry

"Does anyone know more about poetry than John Carey? Almost certainly not."—The Times

A poem seems a fragile thing. Change a word and it is broken. But poems outlive empires and survive the devastation of conquests. Celebrated author John Carey here presents a uniquely valuable anthology of verse based on a simple principle: select the one-hundred greatest poets from across the centuries, and then choose their finest poems.

Ranging from Homer and Sappho to Donne and Milton, Plath and Angelou, this is a delightful and accessible introduction to the very best that poetry can offer. Familiar favorites are nestled alongside marvelous new discoveries—all woven together with Carey’s expert commentary. Particular attention is given to the works of female poets, like Christina Rossetti and Charlotte Mew. This is a personal guide to the poetry that shines brightest through the ages. Within its pages, readers will find treasured poems that remain with you for life.

More about this title

John Carey is Emeritus Professor at the University of Oxford. His books include A Little History of Poetry, The Essential Paradise Lost, What Good Are the Arts?, studies of Donne and Dickens, and a prizewinning biography of William Golding.

“Enthusiasm for the underdog is infectious...It reveals a sensitivity in Carey’s aesthetic, a rejection of the sentimental and the highbrow in favour of the lyrical, the melancholy and the divine. It’s what ultimately ties the book together, and lends a profound emotional weight to the intellectual rigour.”—Andrew Male, Sunday Times

100 Poets is a good anthology to dip into or to read straight through, like I did. Whatever your experience of poetry, I think you’ll find something here to enjoy.”—David’s Book World

“Professor John Carey has rounded up a collection of his favourite 100 poets, from Homer to Sylvia Plath, covering the familiar and the less common...A bedside-table book of portable proportions and in durable hardback”—Lucy Lethbridge, The Oldie Christmas Gift Guide