"The Book of Mormon" by Joseph Smith

The Book of Mormon The Earliest Text Second Edition Joseph Smith, Royal Skousen

Publication date:
12 Jul 2022
Yale University Press
832 pages: 229 x 152 x 27mm

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Now in paperback, this corrected text is based on the earliest sources and represents the most accurate and readable edition of the Book of Mormon ever published

First published in 1830, the Book of Mormon is the authoritative scripture of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Over the past thirty years, editor Royal Skousen has pored over Joseph Smith’s original manuscripts and earliest editions and identified about 2,250 textual errors, although many of these discrepancies stem from inadvertent errors in copying and typesetting the text.
The first edition of The Book of Mormon: The Earliest Text, published in 2009 to critical acclaim, contained over 600 corrections that had never before appeared in any standard edition of the Book of Mormon, with about 250 of them affecting the text’s meaning. This revised, second edition, issued in paperback, includes additional corrections as well as an illuminating new introduction by Royal Skousen. It will provide a portable, accessible version of this important text.

Royal Skousen is Emeritus Professor of Linguistics at Brigham Young University, where he taught for 41 years. He is the author of numerous books on linguistic theory and on the Book of Mormon text. He lives in Spanish Fork, UT.