"Mortality Immortality? - The Legacy of 20th-Century Art" by Miguel Angel Corzo

Mortality Immortality? - The Legacy of 20th-Century Art Miguel Angel Corzo

Paperback / softback
Publication date:
14 Nov 2014
Getty Conservation Institute,US
272 pages: 298 x 274 x 17mm
111 illustrations

Which objects or events will define the art of our time? Who will decide what is to be preserved for posterity and how that will be done? If an artist chooses ephemeral materials, should the work be allowed to deteriorate? These are among the questions posed in this proceedings volume, based on a conference on the preservation of contemporary art held at the Getty Center. Professionals from a range of disciplines discuss issues of the artist's original intent, the effect of the art market, ways to cope with rapidly evolving media technologies, and fine art as popular culture. Participants include the artists David Hockney and Judy Chicago, the philosopher Arthur Danto, collectors Agnes Gund and Clifford Einstein, and museum professionals Roy A. Perry (Tate Gallery), James Coddington (Museum of Modern Art), Peter Galassi (Museum of Modern Art), and John Hanhardt (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum).