"Sophocles' Antigone" by Sophocles

Sophocles' Antigone Sophocles, Indrapramit Roy, Gita Wolf, Sirish Rao, Gita Wolf, Sirish Rao

Publication date:
31 Mar 2006
J. Paul Getty Museum
28 pages: 291 x 222 x 13mm
8 colour illustrations

The enduring story of Antigone--the Greek princess who braved the wrath of a king and sacrificed her own life in order to honor her slain brother--is retold here for contemporary readers. Through the words of the blind prophet Teiresias, we watch the inevitable tragedy unfold as Antigone discovers that her brother, a rebel against the rule of their uncle Creon, has been murdered and his body left unburied. Torn between duty to her uncle the king, love for her brother, and her duty to the gods, Antigone symbolizes the often tragic conflict between love and duty, honor and the law. This modern retelling of the story, best known through Sophocles' drama, is enhanced by original illustrations in the style of ancient Greek art silk-screened on handmade paper. Truly a unique and beautiful book, Sophocles' Antigone will be a treasured addition to the libraries of those who love the arts of ancient Greece and of fine, contemporary bookmaking.