A Place in the Sun - Photography of Los Angeles John Humble, John Baldwin

Publication date:
30 Aug 2007
J. Paul Getty Museum
88 pages: 315 x 311 x 14mm
45 full-colour illustrations

This is a superb photographic celebration of the unique places and people of Los Angeles. Photographer John Humble has lived and worked in Los Angeles for over thirty years - in that time he has created a stunning body of work that uniquely captures the distinctive architecture and natural environment of Southern California. "A Place in the Sun" is a magnificent celebration of Humble's distinctive view of Los Angeles - from the concrete channels of the Los Angeles River and the monumental freeways in the sky to the people and the cityscape through which they run.

Gordon Baldwin is a former associate curator of photographs at the Getty Museum, the author of In Focus: Eugene Atge and Looking at Photographs: A Guide to Technical Terms, and coauthor of Nadar/Warhol and Roger Fenton: Pasha and Bayadere (in the Getty Museum Studies on Art series).|"