"Social Constellations and Settlement Practice" by Daphne E. Gallagher

Social Constellations and Settlement Practice The Archaeology of Non-Urban Complexity in Southeastern Burkina Faso Daphne E. Gallagher

Yale University Publications in Anthropology
Publication date:
30 Mar 2021
The Yale Peabody Museum
320 pages: 248 x 171mm
82 b-w illus.

This volume explores the relationships among political strategies, economic practices, and land use in a region inhabited by precolonial West African Gulmance kingdoms. It proposes that variability in farming practices and landscape use was driven by political choices in land use in the early second millennium CE, a shift from the more sedentary farming households of the first millennium CE. Documenting two seasons of fieldwork, this book contains location photographs, site plans, a site catalog, and a pottery assemblage overview.

Daphne E. Gallagher is associate dean of undergraduate studies and senior instructor of anthropology in the Robert D. Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon. Her primary fieldwork sites are in Burkina Faso, where she has worked since 2004.