Assyria to Iberia Art and Culture in the Iron Age: The Metropolitan Museum of Art Symposia Joan Aruz, Michael Seymour, Joan Aruz, Ann E. Killebrew, Paul Collins, Amy Gansell, Marc Van De Mieroop, Jonathan N. Tubb, Ronnie Reich, Israel Finkelstein, Mirko Novák, Ash Özyar, María Eugenia Aubet, Marsha Hill, Eric Gubel, Irene J. Winter, Sarah Graff, Sir John Boardman, Ann C. Gunter, Marian Feldman, Niemeier Wolf-Dietrich, Annie Caubet, Nassos Papalexandrou, Hartmut Matthäus, Nicholas Chr. Stampolidis, Maurizio Sannibale, Carolina López-Ruiz, Zainab Bahrani

Publication date:
01 Nov 2016
Metropolitan Museum of Art
376 pages: 254 x 190mm
254 color + 61 b-w illus.
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In 2014, the Metropolitan Museum presented Assyria to Iberia at the Dawn of the Classical Age, an unprecedented exhibition that offered a comprehensive overview of art, diplomacy, and cultural exchange in the ancient Near East and across the Mediterranean at the beginning of what is now known as the classical age. This volume extends the innovative scholarship that underpinned the exhibition and accompanying book of the same title.  Focusing on a time of transition, upheaval, and globalization, 27 essays by internationally distinguished scholars explore the cultural encounters of diverse populations interacting through trade, travel, migration, and war during the first millennium B.C. in a region that spanned over 1,000 miles in a continuous swathe from Assyria (present-day northern Iraq) to the western Mediterranean and northern Africa.

Joan Aruz is curator in charge, and Michael Seymour is assistant curator, both in the Department of Ancient Near Eastern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.