"The Aztec Calendar Stone" by Khristaan D. Villela

The Aztec Calendar Stone Khristaan D. Villela, Mary Miller

Publication date:
20 May 2010
Getty Publications
384 pages: 273 x 222 x 31mm
22 colour & 144 b&w illustrations

This is a superbly illustrated survey of one of the most recognizable monuments of Aztec civilisation - the Calendar Stone. Analyzed by scholars, deployed by Mexican nationalists, beloved by the public, and reproduced in every medium and scale since its rediscovery in 1790, the Aztec Calendar Stone - or Piedra del Sol - has become one of the most recognizable monuments of the Pre-Columbian era. Commissioned by the Mexican emperor Motecuhzoma I in the last decades before the Spanish invasion of the New World and buried by the Conquistadors not long after, the Aztec Calendar Stone has had a remarkably far-reaching legacy in the modern world. "The Aztec Calendar Stone" is a superbly illustrated and highly informative introduction to the study of this massive and puzzling sculpture - including works numerous acclaimed scholars, many of which are published in English for the first time.

Khristaan D. Villela is a visiting professor at the University of New Mexico and a visiting scholar at the New Mexico History Museum. Mary Miller is a professor of art history at Yale University and Dean of Yale College.