"Paris - Life and Luxury in Eighteenth Century" by Charissa Bremer-David

Paris - Life and Luxury in Eighteenth Century Charissa Bremer-David

Publication date:
07 Apr 2011
Getty Publications
168 pages: 286 x 241 x 22mm
79 colour & 77 b&w illustrations

This title provides a superbly illustrated and fascinating look at world of luxury objects in 18th-century Paris. Luxury items from centuries past are most often seen within museum settings, devoid of their original contexts and connotations. This groundbreaking book seeks to re-imagine objects from 18th-century Paris within their original context, showing how they were used in the daily routines of the elite members of society. Against the background of the reign of Louis XV (1723-1774) the chapters move chronologically from morning to night, covering topics as diverse as timekeeping, fashion and self-identity, domestic architecture, literature and art, and entertainment and socialising. By connecting the purposes, function, and beauty of these items, this volume makes a fascinating and important contribution to the study of a great period in French culture.

Charissa Bremer-David is curator in the Department of Sculpture and Decorative Arts at the J. Paul Getty Museum.