"The Architectural History of Venice" by Deborah Howard

The Architectural History of Venice Revised and enlarged edition Deborah Howard, Laura Moretti

Publication date:
09 Feb 2004
Yale University Press
366 pages: 235 x 156mm
70 b-w + 100 color illus.


This book is the indispensable guide to the history of architecture in Venice, encompassing the city’s fascinating variety of buildings from ancient times to the present day. Completely updated and filled with splendid new illustrations, this edition invites all visitors to Venice, armchair travelers, and students of Renaissance art and architecture to a fuller appreciation of the buildings of this uniquely beautiful city.
“The best concise introduction to Venetian architecture in English.”—Times Literary Supplement
“Compact and manageable . . . an excellent introduction to the novice preparing for a first Venetian experience.”—Society of Architectural Historians
“A hugely rewarding and accessible book.”—Richard Cork, Modern Painters

Deborah Howard is professor of architectural history at the University of Cambridge and a fellow of St. John’s College, Cambridge.

"When it comes to reading the excellent text and looking at the beautiful illustrations of The Architectural History of Venice .. . take your time. Make the pleasure last. Savor this new book. . . . Anyone can enjoy it whether as an armchair preparation for or a substitute for an actual visit or as a way to recall the pleasures of an actual visit."—Leonard R. N. Ashley, Bibliothèque d’Humanisme et Renaissance

"The Architectural History of Venice has now emerged in a wholly updated form, replenished with excellent new colour illustrations. It is the ideal companion for anyone seeking to evade the day-trippers and embark, with the help of Howard’s knowledge and insights, on an exploration of the city’s buildings. This is a hugely rewarding and accessible book."—Modern Painters

"Well documented and superbly illustrated. . . . This will surely remain the standard work on the subject, based on acquaintance with the architecture of western Asia as well as that of Venice about which she has written the best brief history."—Hugh Honour, New York Review of Books

"First published in 1980, Howard’s Architectural History of Venice hasbecome an indispensable guide to the architectural treasures of Venice. This new, revised and enlarged version further improves on the first edition: new chapters have been added to explore the most recent architectural developments in Venice. . . . This beautifully illustrated, handy, one-volume discussion of the architectural history of Venice will appeal as much to an audience already familiar with the classic first edition as to a new generation of readers."—Gabriele Neher, The Art Book