"Yidish af yidish" by David Goldberg

Yidish af yidish Grammatical, Lexical, and Conversational Materials for the Second and Third Years of Study David Goldberg

Publication date:
01 Oct 1996
Yale University Press
290 pages: 254 x 203mm
21 b-w illus.

Written entirely in Yiddish, this innovative and accessible language text provides opportunities for intermediate level students of Yiddish to improve their conversational skills, grammar, and vocabulary. It includes numerous written exercises designed to clarify difficult language problems, as well as conversational exercises that invite role play and discussions of readings from Yiddish literature, folklore, and the social sciences.

David Goldberg reviews structural essentials from the first year of study of Yiddish, then introduces a full range of more advanced topics in Yiddish grammar and lexicography. Lessons provide opportunities and linguistic strategies to form questions and answers; posit, defend, and challenge logical assertions; express agreement or disagreement with varying degrees of emphasis; interrupt or take turns in conversation; and request or supply clarification. Convenient resources include lists of colloquial expressions and idioms, numerous Yiddish proverbs and folk sayings illustrated in appropriate conversational contexts, and 1,500-word English-Yiddish and Yiddish-English glossaries. The book also features a selection of exercises based on materials written by the eminent Yiddish grammarian and educator Yudl Mark in the 1930s and 1940s.

David Goldberg is associate director of Foreign Language Programs at the Modern Language Association of America and associate director of the Association of Departments of Foreign Languages. He has taught Yiddish language and literature at Columbia University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Max Weinreich Center of the YIVO Institute.

"[This book] is written entirely in Yiddish and is specifically geared to the intermediate and more advanced student with emphasis on grammar, stylistics, conversation and Yiddish cultural literacy. The particular strength of Goldberg's book lies in his successful adoption and adaptation of the work of Yudl Mark (1897-1975), one of the century's leading Yiddish linguists, educators and stylists. . . . A first-rate work designed for serious students ready to embark upon the demanding but rewarding 'Yiddish af yidish' journey, deep into the world of Yiddish linguistic and literary creativity."?Dov-Ber Kerler, Journal of Jewish Studies

"Yidish af Yidish is indeed both innovative and easily accessible: truly an excellent textbook for intermediate level students."?Rogier Nieuwebor, Studies in Language

"A workbook par excellence that can be used in a variety of learning settings. Teachers and students alike will joyously welcome this book."?Rakhmiel Peltz, Columbia University