The Aliens Among Us How Invasive Species Are Transforming the Planet—and Ourselves Leslie Anthony

Publication date:
03 Jan 2018
Yale University Press
400 pages: 235 x 156 x 27mm
45 b-w illus.
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A thoughtful, accessible look at the rapidly growing issue of invasive plants, animals, and microbes around the globe with a focus on the scientific issues and ecological, health, and other challenges

From an award-winning adventure and science journalist comes an eye-opening exploration of a burgeoning environmental phenomenon and the science coalescing around it. Leslie Anthony leads readers on adventures physical and philosophical as he explores how and why invasive species are hijacking ecosystems around the globe. Weaving science, travel, history, and humor with diverse examples to chart and describe the phases of species invasion and human response, Anthony introduces field researchers and managers who seek to understand the biological, social, and economic aspects of this complex issue, and whose work collectively suggests the emergence of a global shadow economy centered on invasives.
With tales of pythons in the Everglades, Asian carp and lamprey in the Great Lakes, Japanese knotweed seemingly everywhere, and the invasive organisms we don’t see—pathogens and microbes such as the Zika virus—this book rivets attention on a new ecological reality. 

Leslie Anthony is an award‑winning science and adventure journalist, and author of several books. His work has appeared in Explore, Canadian Geographic, and numerous other publications.

The Aliens Among Us provides a fascinating overview of this topic. It tackles the complexities of invasion science but also offers a range of perspectives on the subject.”
—Helen Roy, BBC Wildlife

“The toll of invasive species is high and growing ever higher. Leslie Anthony writes about this disturbing trend with intelligence and wit.”—Elizabeth Kolbert, author of The Sixth Extinction

"A gripping, accurate account of how biological invasions threaten all of our ecosystems and what we can do about them."—Daniel Simberloff, author of Invasive Species - What Everyone Needs to Know

“This book not only should be published, but quickly—the expense and chaos resulting from invasive species is enormous and increasing by the minute.”—Margaret D. Lowman, Director of Global Initiatives, California Academy of Sciences, and author of Life in the Treetops: Adventures of a Woman in Field Biology

The Aliens Among Us is a refreshingly balanced and timely account of global invasive species issues. Leslie Anthony conveys the complexity and urgency of invasive species management, while showing how the science of invasion informs basic ecological theory.”—Lauren Smith-Ramesh, National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis

“A personal, passionate reckoning with invasive species, these stories from the frontlines of the biodiversity crisis will resonate with every stroke of the paddle or step along the nature trail.”—James Barilla, author of My Backyard Jungle: The Adventures of an Urban Wildlife Lover Who Turned His Yard into Habitat and Learned to Live with It