"Rembrandt in Southern California" by Anne Woollett

Rembrandt in Southern California Anne Woollett

Paperback / softback
Publication date:
04 Mar 2010
J. Paul Getty Museum
64 pages: 160 x 127 x 6mm
26 full-colour illustrations & 1 map


This title offers is a concise yet informative, stunningly illustrated virtual tour of the works of Rembrandt held in Southern California. This superbly illustrated volume takes readers on a visual tour of fourteen stunning Rembrandt paintings held in collections across Southern California. Not only does "Rembrandt in Southern California" provide detailed and informative biographical information about the Master artist, but it also look at how and why so many important works ended up in this one location. A virtual exhibition of the paintings and information about visiting the collections can be found at website.

Anne Woollett is associate curator in the Department of Paintings at the J. Paul Getty Museum.