"Democracy and Executive Power" by Susan Rose-Ackerman

Democracy and Executive Power Policymaking Accountability in the US, the UK, Germany, and France Susan Rose-Ackerman

Publication date:
25 Jan 2022
Yale University Press
424 pages: 235 x 156mm
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The statutory delegation of rule‑making authority to the executive has recently become a source of controversy. There are guiding models, but none, Susan Rose-Ackerman claims, is a good fit with the needs of regulating in the public interest. Using a cross‑national comparison of public policy-making in the United States, France, the UK, and Germany, she argues that public participation inside executive rule-making processes is necessary to preserve the legitimacy of regulatory policy-making.

Susan Rose‑Ackerman is Henry R. Luce Professor Emeritus of Law and Political Science and Professorial Lecturer in Law at Yale University. She has published widely in the fields of law, economics, and public policy.