Deutsche Wiederholungsgrammatik A Morpho-Syntactic Review of German Frank E. Donahue

Publication date:
28 Jun 2008
Yale University Press
496 pages: 254 x 178 x 17mm
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Deutsche Wiederholungsgrammatik provides a comprehensive grammatical review for students of German. Each specific topic is explained in a simple and straightforward style and reinforced through a variety of exercises. These activities guide the student's progress from basic theory review and structured practice through open-ended, communicative applications.
Experienced students can refine their accuracy, while those unfamiliar with grammatical concepts and terminology can use the various exercises designed to assist them as they advance through the book. Helpful insights on how to learn the material efficiently are included for each topic.
Deutsche Wiederholungsgrammatik is designed to accommodate the needs of English-speaking learners. By highlighting differences and similarities between German and English, the book allows students to build on existing grammatical knowledge. Example sentences are used to put abstract principles in context, making it easier for students to learn and apply them effectively.

Frank E. Donahue was professor of German at the University of Texas at Austin.