Yiddish-English-Hebrew Dictionary A Reprint of the 1928 Expanded Second Edition Alexander Harkavy

Publication date:
10 Sep 2005
Yale University Press
640 pages: 235 x 156mm

Alexander Harkavy (1863–1939) is credited with almost single-handedly creating an intellectual environment conducive to Yiddish, and his trilingual dictionary is an indispensable tool for research in Yiddish language and literature. This dictionary has been a classic since it originally appeared in New York in 1925.

“I could not be more enthusiastic about this project. One cannot read Yiddish literature without Harkavy’s 1928 dictionary. Dovid Katz’s delightful and balanced introduction . . . is accessible and yet meticulously scholarly.”—David Goldberg, Modern Language Association

“Among the most important books . . . in the field of Yiddish.”—Ruth Wisse, Professor of Yiddish Literature, Harvard University