"Millhands and Preachers" by Liston Pope

Millhands and Preachers A Study of Gastonia Liston Pope, N. J. Demerath I, Richard S. Peterson

Yale Studies in Religious Education
Publication date:
10 Sep 1965
Yale University Press
421 pages: 203 x 130mm

To explore the question of the church’s role in Western economic systems, Mr. Pope presents a pioneering study of the actual role played by the church in the industrial community Gastonia, North Carolina. He has written a brilliant criticism of the relationship between the textile mills and the churches, with broad implications for industry and church.

"This reprinting in paperback form of Pope's classic study in the sociology of religion is a true joy."?Concordia Theological Monthly

"A genuine classic confronts central theoretical issues, has continued relevance to persisting substantive problems, contributes important data, and serves as a model for research in any era. Millhands and Preachers qualifies on all accounts."?From the Introduction by Richard A. Peterson and N.J. Demerath III