"The Diary of Joseph Farington" by Joseph Farington

The Diary of Joseph Farington Index Volume Joseph Farington, Evelyn Newby

Publication date:
16 Jun 1998
Paul Mellon Centre
1068 pages: 210 x 140mm

Joseph Farington (1747-1821) was a professional landscape and topographical artist. Through his extensive involvement in the affairs of the Royal Academy and his wide circle of friends he was extraordinarily well-informed about the affairs of his day. His diary, which he kept meticulously from 1793 until his death, was published by Yale University Press in sixteen volumes between 1978 and 1984. It comprises not only a detailed record of his actions and observations as an influential figure in the London art world but is also an absorbing record of the social, political, and literary developments of the period. The long-awaited index volume provides access to Farington’s fascination with criminal trials, elections, and frequent Royal scandals of the day as well as the recurrent subject of the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars in Europe.

Evelyn Newby was archivist at the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art until her retirement in 1997.

"These two volumes complete the text of the Yale edition of Joseph Farington's DIARY. The eight pairs of volumes have been published in the course of about six years, filling 5,671 pages and providing every type of historian of Britain in the late eighteenth century and early nineteenth centuries with an invaluable fund of material."?Luke Herrmann, The Burlington Magazine