Shou fi ma fi? Intermediate Levantine Arabic Rajaa Chouairi, Mahdi Alosh

Publication date:
15 Jun 2010
Yale University Press
240 pages: 254 x 203 x 10mm
50 b-w

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Shou fi ma fi? will enable American students to communicate orally in Levantine Arabic, the variety of Arabic spoken in Syria, Lebanon, the Holy Land, and western Jordan. The text assumes familiarity with Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), and it is highly recommended that students have a reasonable foundation in MSA.

Shou fi ma fi? contains nineteen lessons on a variety of topics and situations that the American student is likely to encounter, and all were carefully selected to reflect the language and culture of Syria and Lebanon in particular.

Rajaa Chouairi has been teaching Arabic for many years. He is very active in creating new approaches to the teaching of Arabic as a foreign language.

"Rajaa Chouairi has produced a lively, well-designed, and easily accessible textbook for Levantine Arabic, one that should be a key resource for teaching spoken eastern Arabic,and one that will fit into curricula based on Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)."—Karin Christina Ryding, Al-‘Arabiyya