Tudor Fashion Eleri Lynn

Publication date:
24 Aug 2021
Yale University Press
208 pages: 267 x 216mm
180 color illus.
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The paperback edition of this captivating story of Tudor dress, and the people who made and wore it

The Tudors are some of the best-known figures in history. They continue, even today, to spark our curiosity and imagination. Their enduring popularity is no doubt partly due to the iconic portraits in which they are depicted, in farthingales and ruffs, furs and jewels, codpieces and cloaks, and vast expanses of velvet and silk. Far from being mere decoration, fashion was pivotal in the communication of status and power. This paperback edition of Tudor Fashion presents insights into the fashions of the Tudor dynasty. Histories of Kings and Queens complement stories of unsung dressmakers, laundresses, and officials charged with maintaining and transporting the immense Tudor wardrobes from palace to palace. Evidence from rare surviving garments and textiles, original documents, fine and decorative art, and archaeological findings enhance our understanding of the Tudors and their courts. Handsomely illustrated, this sumptuous book contextualizes Tudor dress and fills in gaps in our knowledge of the period and its fascinating historical figures.

Eleri Lynn is a fashion historian, previously curator at Historic Royal Palaces.

“[E]ntertaining. . . . Though only a few tangible remnants of the Tudor wardrobe survive, Ms. Lynn deconstructs their particulars and meaning from documents, portraits and re-creations of court dress. And what a wealth of factoids emerges.”—Ann Landi, Wall Street Journal 

“Lynn ably demonstrates the central importance of clothes: their meaning; manufacture; care; and legacy. Lavishly illustrated and engagingly written, it reveals the Tudors in a whole new light.”—Tracy Borman, Historians Favourites 2017, BBC History

“Tudor Fashion is a beautifully illustrated book that presents an overview of the creation and function of clothing at the Tudor court.” – Charlotte Bolland, Literary Review

“Beautifully presented book” —Sidsel Frisch and Rosalind Mearns, The Journal of Dress History

Winner of the 2019 Historians of British Art Award, a single-authored book with a subject before 1600 category