"The Good of This Place" by Richard H. Brodhead

The Good of This Place First Edition Richard H. Brodhead

Publication date:
03 May 2004
Yale University Press
238 pages: 216 x 140mm
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This eloquent collection of essays and speeches by Richard H. Brodhead addresses issues of importance to institutes of higher learning and to those who participate in them. As the popular Dean of Yale College from 1993 to 2004, Brodhead was involved in every aspect of undergraduate education—curriculum, faculty appointments, and student life—and occupied a unique position from which to ponder the ways that college can prepare young people to lead fulfilling lives.

One of Dean Brodhead’s responsibilities was to welcome new students to Yale at the annual Freshman Assembly, and this book presents his engaging remarks as he simultaneously reassured and challenged them. The later sections of the book range through various concerns of the contemporary university, from free speech and diversity issues to sexual harassment policy, residential education, the assessment of academic programs, and the complex and competing goals of college admissions.

At once reflective, witty, and wise, this book speaks to students and educators alike, to all who hope to become—or shape others to become—thoughtful and constructive members of society.