Yale French Studies, Number 112 The Transparency of the Text: Contemporary Writing for the Stage Donia Mounsef, Josette Féral

Yale French Studies Series
Publication date:
28 Dec 2007
Yale University Press
184 pages: 235 x 156 x 13mm
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Josette Féral & Donia Mounsef       

Editors' Preface: The Transparency of the Text


Part I: Avant and Après Garde

Tom Bishop

Whatever Happened to the Avant-Garde?

Jean-Pierre Ryngaert

Paroles en lambeaux et écritures d’entreparleurs

Bernadette Bost

Beyond Drama: Total Theater

Ariane Eissen

Myth in Contemporary French Theater: A Negotiable Legacy

Josette Féral

Language Crossings: The Unspoken Must Be Said


Part II: (Under)writing the Stage

David Bradby

Michel Vinaver: From Writing to Staging

Donia Mounsef

The Language of Desire and the Desire for Language in the Theatre of Koltès and Cixous

Clare Finburgh

Voix/Voie/Vie: The Voice in Contemporary French Theatre

Mary Noonan

L’Art de l’écrit s’incarnant: The Theatre of Noëlle Renaude



Part III: Disputed Textualities

Judith Miller

Is There A Specifically Francophone African Stage Textuality?

Sylvie Chalaye

Contemporary Francophone Writings for the Theater from Africa and the West Indies 

Yves Jubinville

Death and Birth of the Author: Toward a New History of Québécois Playwriting

Philippa Wehle

“Waiting for the Next Big Thing”: Why Do American Audiences Have Such Difficulty with Contemporary French Playwrights?

"[T]he articles . . . map a clear path through the complexities of contemporary French-language writing for the stage. Most important of all is the way in which the volume prompts the reader to seek out plays not yet read and to imagine theater texts not yet written."—Ann Williams, French Review