"Marxism and Democracy in Chile" by Julio Faúndez

Marxism and Democracy in Chile From 1932 to the Fall of Allende Julio Faúndez

Publication date:
16 Nov 1988
Yale University Press
272 pages: 235 x 156mm
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In this book Julio Faúndez traces the development of Chilean politics from 1932 to the overthrow of Allende in 1973, focusing in particular on the participation of Marxist parties in Chile’s democratic government. Relating the various phases in the evolution of the political system to the concrete problems that had to be faced, Faúndez discusses how class alliances, political mobilization, and the role of organized labor affected developments in the country. His book adds an important new perspective to a perennial topic of debate among politicians and political scientists worldwide.

"Fa£ndez has written a thoughtful, informed and quite balanced analysis."?Nathaniel Davis, Review of Politics

"It is now customary for intellectuals of all shades . . . to see the Popular Front and the Popular Unity governments as failures, and to blame these on a lack of ?revolutionary fervour? in the Chilean Left. Julio Fa£ndez?s work is, by far, the most achieved of a number of efforts to put these two experiment into a wider perspective, balancing their successes and failures in relative, and not absolute, terms."?Benny Pollack, Times Higher Education Supplement

"A detailed account of how Marxist parties, particularly the Socialist and Communist, developed their strength and posed significant challenges to the democratic framework of the nation. . . . A highly descriptive, highly readable account of Chilean politics from 1932 to 1973. It represents a particularly valuable contribution to the literature, as the recent revival of competitive politics in Chile poses important questions about the behavior of the Left, the ability of rival groups to enter into alliances, and the commitment of traditional parties to the reestablishment and consolidation of democracy."?Iv n Jaks¡c, The Historian

"Marxism and Democracy in Chile provides a useful and balanced overview of the role of the Chilean Left before 1973."?Karen L. Remmer, Studies in Comparative International Development

"A valuable contribution to the growing file of literature on contemporary Chilean history."?Nathaniel Davis, Review of Politics

"Anyone interested in the Unidad Popular should read this study. . . . This is an intelligent and passionate review of the Allende period, and Fa£ndez is a lively and yet sympathetic narrator of the various political positions adopted by Allende and his opponents on the Right and the Left."?Michael Monte¢n, History

"An important addition to our knowledge."?David Lehmann, Times Literary Supplement

"A detailed and unbiased account of the political and economic history of Chile from 1932 to 1973. . . . The uniqueness of this book is that it traces the history and interactions of the various Chilean leftist political, social, and economic groups. . . . A valuable contribution that cannot be ignored for the study of modern Chile."?Choice