NAGA Awe-Inspiring Beauty Michel Draguet

Publication date:
18 Apr 2018
423 pages: 330 x 254mm
320 color + 260 b-w illus.
Sales territories:
World excluding Benelux


Taking an approach that is equal parts anthropological and art historical, this lavishly illustrated volume offers a rare look at the art, artifacts, and culture of the Naga people, an ethnic group spanning several tribes native to northeastern India and northwestern Myanmar.  The book seeks to shed light on this geographically isolated and historically insular people, identifying cultural aspects and artistic traditions that are common among all Naga tribes, as well as ways in which the tribes differ.  The works featured include textiles, baskets, wood carving, pottery, metalwork, jewelry, and beadwork, and make use of a wide range of materials such as glass, stone, metal, wood, shell, seeds, bone, and hair.  Archival photography is used to place clothing, accessories, and ornaments within the cultural practices of the Naga.

Michel Draguet is professor of art history at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and general director of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. He is also a member of the Royal Academy of Belgium.