Chinese Grammar Made Easy A Practical and Effective Guide for Teachers Jianhua Bai

Publication date:
25 Aug 2008
Yale University Press
336 pages: 279 x 216 x 14mm

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Chinese Grammar Made Easy presents instructors with innovative and classroom-tested techniques for teaching Chinese grammar. Its communicative, meaning-based approach helps teachers to engage students by bringing grammar into a practical, real-life context.
As a reference for daily teaching, this book discusses 150 of the most fundamental and frequently used grammar points that students need to learn in order to communicate successfully. Each grammar point is accompanied by various learning activities to engage students and provide structured practice.
Based on research conducted by a team of 25 experienced language teachers, Chinese Grammar Made Easy also offers:
  • Clear and concise explanations of grammar concepts,
  • Step-by-step teaching instructions,
  • A range of exercises to reinforce each grammar point.

By providing pedagogical strategies, this book allows teachers to reflect on the effectiveness of their grammar instruction and to implement methods which fit the needs and interests of language learners.

Jianhua Bai is professor of Chinese at Kenyon College and director of the Chinese School at Middlebury College.

“Bai and his colleagues at the renowned Middlebury Chinese School have provided the Chinese teaching profession with a marvelous new pedagogical tool that bridges the gap between the precise structural linguistic descriptions of traditional grammar reference books and the pedagogical needs of communication based classroom teaching to English-speaking learners.”—Mark Hansell, Carleton College, The Modern Language Journal

"[Chinese Grammar Made Easy] provides teachers with well-designed, spiraled activities and explanations. I would recommend that all teachers of Chinese language own a copy of this indispensable tool. . . . [it] is a research-based and user-friendly reference book that is completely independent of any available textbooks."—Mei-Jean Kuo Barth, The NECTFL Review