Keys to Lichens of North America Revised and Expanded Irwin M. Brodo, Sylvia Duran Sharnoff, Stephen Sharnoff, Susan Laurie-Bourque (Illustrated by)

Publication date:
25 Feb 2016
Yale University Press
424 pages: 279 x 216 x 19mm
13 color + 33 b-w illus.
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Created in response to requests from longtime users, this addition to the acclaimed book, Lichens of North America, compiles updated and expanded keys for the identification of these fascinating organisms. An ideal laboratory resource, this large spiral-bound volume covers over 2,000 species of lichens indigenous to the continent. There is no comparable volume available for classroom, workshop, or private use. The revised keys are an indispensable identification tool for botanists, students, scientists, and enthusiasts alike.

Considered a world authority on lichens and their biology, Irwin M. Brodo is emeritus research scientist at the Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Ontario.

“This updated and much expanded identification guide accomplishes a feat no one else has dared attempt. It is extremely useful for non-professionals and professionals alike.”—Richard Harris, New York Botanical Garden

“Brodo is responsible for the renewal of North American lichenology. In this new volume, he updates the keys to North American lichens to accommodate rapid changes in lichen systematics and taxonomy in the beginning of the 21st century.  Using these new keys with Lichens of North America, individuals, study groups and classes can identify many species in any region of North America.”—Kerry Knudsen, University of California, Riverside

Keys to Lichens of North America: Revised and Expanded is meant to provide the user experience that many readers of the earlier volume yearned for . . . and it delivers.”—James C. Lendemer, BioOne

“The Keys may not have the beauty of its predecessor, but the elegance of the couplets, the additional species covered, and the modest price means this book is a well-built workhorse, one that you won’t mind spattering with a bit of personal data, or marking up in the margins.”—Diane L. Haughland, Canadian Field-Naturalist

“This volume is a fantastic addition to the masterwork of lichens that is Lichens of North America.”—Kenneth Setzer, Plant Science Bulletin