Schreiben lernen A Writing Guide for Learners of German Jennifer Redmann, Pennylyn Dykstra-Pruim

Publication date:
27 Sep 2011
Yale University Press
224 pages: 203 x 254mm
68 b-w illus.
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This text offers a unique approach to assisting German learners at various levels of proficiency in developing their writing skills in eight different genres. The guide includes information and activities for structuring sentences, paragraphs, and entire texts; building vocabulary; and raising awareness of cultural issues related to writing for specific audiences and purposes. By providing writing activities targeted at beginning, intermediate, and advanced learners, the guide will offer instructors a concrete means of unifying their German curricula across individual levels and courses.

As a supplementary writing guide, Schreiben lernen fills a need that exists in German curricula at all levels.

Pennylyn Dykstra-Pruim is an associate professor of German at Calvin College. Jennifer Redmann is an associate professor of German at Franklin & Marshall College.

"This book is the first of its kind and may even set a new standard for German textbooks in the future. It is very user-friendly and the incorporation of the three levels of language competency is both innovative as well as helpful for students and teachers."—Friedemann Weidauer, University of Connecticut