"Hermit with Landscape" by Daniel Hall

Hermit with Landscape Daniel Hall

Yale Series of Younger Poets
Publication date:
10 Sep 1990
Yale University Press
72 pages: 229 x 140mm

The winning volume in the 1989 Yale Series of Younger Poets competition is Hermit with Landscape by Daniel Hall. As James Merrill, distinguished poet and judge of the competition, has said: "Daniel Hall is a patient craftsman, a weigher of each word. Smaller and more lucid than their model, his imitations of life place no burden upon us; rather, their deftness lightens our step. Here mind once again outdances the monumental."
A moth hove out of fog. All I heard
was the incessant dissolving
of the surf, attenuated, drawn
through eggshell, bone and ash
as through the walls of another room.
After dark, before a glass,
in a hall reeling with shadows,
a pair of eyes resolved. At last
they shone: they shone
like phosphorescent moons.

Winner of the 1991 Great Lakes Colleges Association New Writers Award for the best first collection of poems

"The craftsmanship is consistently adroit and admirably low-key: Hall knows the virtues of the half-rhyme and the well-tempered stanza."?Publishers Weekly


"There's plenty to reflect on here . . . . [Hall] will find [an audience] in that part of the contemporary readership that recognizes an art that conceals art, that responds generatively to language and the resources of verse, and can distinguish passion from easy sentimentality. May that readership grow."?Alfred Corn, Poetry

"Poems that exemplify the fact that Hall knows the virtues of the half-rhyme and the well-tempered stanza. Many of the poems are abstractions and/or truisms."?Bookazine Bulletin

"Hall's first collection is . . . the highly polished product of a virtuoso craftsman. . . . Engaging . . . rich.

Hall will draw attention in literary circles, and this prize-winning volume belongs on the shelves of active poetry collections."?Booklist