"Bartholomew Fair" by Ben Jonson

Bartholomew Fair Ben Jonson, Euegen M. Waith

Publication date:
11 Mar 1963
Yale University Press
244 pages: 216 x 140 x 16mm

Not as well known today as Volpne and The Alchemist, this comedy of London’s lower classes was a great favorite of Ben Jonson’s contemporaries. The richness of its comic invention and the complexity of its plot and satirical view have returned it to its former high repute, and Professor Waith’s skillful and illuminating critical Introduction vividly demonstrates its artistic excellence. The high standards for textual accuracy and critical apparatus set for Volpone, the first volume of the Yale edition of Ben Jonson, are maintained here, and the format is identical. In addition, the editor has supplied an appendix and the original staging of the play that assists the reader greatly and is in itself a valuable contribution to studies of Elizabethan and Jacobean stagecraft. Eugene M. Waith is professor of English at Yale University. The Yale Ben Jonson, 2.

"A volume which might well serve as a model for its kind. . . . The highlight of Waith's performance . . . is his introduction. . . . His ability to integrate his ideas into a really cohesive essay gives freshness to old ideas and makes especially articulate the new. . . . There can be no doubt that Waith has skillfully laid bare many of the bones, nerves, and blood vessels beneath this play's surface, and without annihilating the comic spirit which gives the play life."?Seventeenth-Century News