"Developmental Theory and Clinical Process" by Fred Pine

Developmental Theory and Clinical Process Fred Pine

Publication date:
10 Sep 1987
Yale University Press
270 pages: 235 x 156mm
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A distinguished teacher, researcher, and practitioner here shows how the perspectives of contemporary developmental theory and the therapeutic encounter can enrich each other.

"This treasurehouse of a book glows with contributions to every fundamental aspect of psychoanalysis. Dr. Pine moves with grace and authority between the worlds of child development and clinical process, between abstract theory and the concrete methods and data of child observation, and between classical psychoanalysis and the varieties of psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy. His well-chosen clinical examples are models of sensitivity, clarity, and ingenuity. Altogether, a remarkable achievement and a 'must' book for every psychoanalytic reader." ?Roy Schafer

"A gracefully literate volume. The amalgam of the theoretical, developmental, and clinical is a delight. It is a refreshing read for those familiar with the literature as Dr. Pine integrates conceptualizations with which we work. He so clearly illustrates the value of an approach based upon an integrated model. For those early in the field, the writing is easy and offers references that will enrich the reader and entice them (sic) to explore the extended literature in psychodynamic theory and development....This book deserves to be read by all in our field for its intelligent excursions through the literature as well as the integrative power of the author's thinking."?Lee H. Willer, M.D., Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

"Pine's choice of clinical material will remind all therapists of their own cases. The authenticity and imaginative sympathy in his description of clinical process?Pine's greatest strength?will lead his readers to treat his argument for changes in technique with serious attention." ?Margaret A. Fitzpatrick-Hanly, International Journal of Psycho-Analysis

"Pine's essays afford the pleasures of watching a first-rate intelligence at work and at play."?Martin Leichtman, Ph.D., Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic

"He has written a book of great value to the student of the human condition who is attempting to help people."?Richard B. Rosenstein, M.D., Contemporary Psychiatry