"Gustave Le Gray - 1820-1884" by . Aubenas

Gustave Le Gray - 1820-1884 . Aubenas

Getty Publications -
Paperback / softback
Publication date:
31 Mar 2006
Getty Publishing
402 pages: 298 x 245 x 33mm
237 colour & 113 b&w illustrations

Gustave Le Gray's life was as romantic as any novel. A young painter in Rome, then a fashionable portrait photographer in Paris, Le Gray received commissions from Napoleon Ill, and astonished viewers with his painterly landscapes and ravishing seascapes. Facing bankruptcy, he feld Paris with Alexandre Dumas to Palermo, travelled to the Middle East, and finally settled in Egypt, where he became drawing master to the ruler's children and continued to make photographs until his death in 1884 Le Gray's work had remained largely unknown by the general public until he was rediscovered in the 1960s and was deemed by connoisseurs to be the Monet of photography. The fruit of years of research, this complete retrospective offers, as no volume before it, an assessment of Le Gray's important place in the history of photography. This catalogue was originally published in French to accompany the exhibition Gustave Le Gray, Photographer (7820-7884) at the Bibliotheque nationale de France in spring 2002. This English-language edition, edited by Gordon Bladwin, associate curator of photographs at the Getty Museum, coincides with an abridged version of the same exhibition at the Getty Museum from July 9 to September 29, 2002

Sylvie Aubenas is curator of nineteenth-century photographs at the Bibliotheque nationale de France; Anne Cartier-Bresson is head of conservation studies of the city of Paris; Joachim Bonnemaison is a photography historian; Barthelemy Jobert is professor of art history at the University of Grenoble; Claude Schopp is a specialist in French literature; and Henri Zerner is professor of art history at Harvard University