The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 39 Volume 39, January 21 through May 15, 1783 Benjamin Franklin, Ellen R. Cohn

The Papers of Benjamin Franklin
Publication date:
13 Jan 2009
Yale University Press
752 pages: 219 x 146 x 46mm
8 b-w photos

In the four months following the January 20, 1783, armistice that ended the War for American Independence, Franklin was remarkably energetic as he helped oversee the transition to peace and waged a multifaceted campaign to publicize the ideals of the new nation. Though political turmoil in Britain delayed negotiations for the definitive peace treaty, Franklin deftly negotiated America's first commercial treaty with a neutral nation, Sweden, which was signed in secret. He distributed his richly symbolic Libertas Americana medal, worked toward the publication of his French edition of the American state constitutions, and fielded scores of letters from people all over Europe who sought to emigrate, to establish trade connections with the United States, to become consuls, and to offer congratulations and advice.

Edited by Ellen R. Cohn; Jonathan R. Dull, Senior Associate Editor; Karen Duval, Associate Editor; Kate M. Ohno, Michael Sletcher, and Philipp Ziesche, Assistant Editors; Alicia K. Anderson, Editorial Associate; Elizabeth Morris, Editorial Assistant; Claude A. Lopez, Consulting Editor