"The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 24" by Benjamin Franklin

The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 24 Volume 24: May 1, 1777, through September 30, 1777 Benjamin Franklin, William B. Willcox

The Papers of Benjamin Franklin
Publication date:
10 Sep 1984
Yale University Press
602 pages: 219 x 146mm

"A significant contribution to Franklin scholarship. It is meticulously edited and offers detailed editorial explanation about documents, events, and individuals.  The volume is intended for both general readers and scholars."?R. William Weisberger, Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine

"Those of us whose pleasures in these magnificent volumes are mercifully confined to their consumption rather than production fully appreciate the scholarly commitments, measured in years of painstaking work, that have sustained the high quality for which this monumental series is justly esteemed. . . . We should congratulate William B. Willcox and his veteran crew for navigating Franklin back to America and then on to France, while all the while making enough sail to have consigned three shipments to the printer in the last three years. . . . The editorial standards that have helped give this project its special stature have been well maintained."?Jack N. Rakove, William and Mary Quarterly

"Though the editors have been forced to become increasingly selective in the documents they print, they present an impressive representative sample of Franklin's central role in the effort to obtain French recognition of the new nation while also revealing his personal shortcomings."?Virginia Quarterly Review

"The editors supply a thoughtful introduction, copious annotation, a full index, and a useful chronology."?Robert J. Gough, Pennsylvania History

"Fully sustains the traditions of meticulous scholarship and sumptuous production . . . of the factory from which it comes."?W.R. Ward, British Journal for 18th Century Studies