Variations stylistiques Cours de grammaire avancée Diane M. Dansereau

Publication date:
14 Jan 2016
Yale University Press
512 pages: 235 x 156 x 25mm
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This advanced level course book teaches stylistic variations of modern French grammar using examples from films and interviews as well as other authentic texts. Written entirely in French, it focuses on the most difficult grammar points and their usage, rather than on their formation. Variations stylistiques includes an abundance of oral and written exercises that are practical, relevant, creative, and fun, encouraging students to use the grammar in meaningful contexts. By highlighting the many linguistic variants employed by native speakers, Dansereau provides an engaging alternative to traditional French grammar textbooks. An ancillary Web site features quizzes and other valuable resources for instructors.

Diane Dansereau is associate professor of French at the University of Colorado Denver and author of Savoir Dire: Cours de Phonétique et de Prononciation. She lives in Englewood, CO.

"This presentation and sequence will really get through to students. The book does an excellent job of building clear and coherent examples into each part of the presentation. I love the exercises! Variety, simplicity, quantity."-Tamara Lindner, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

“The author offers many pertinent insights when it comes to French grammar. The interactive, authentic activities offered in each chapter and the wealth of literary texts are also a great strength. The chapters on the past tenses, as well as the subjunctive, are especially strong.”—Andrea Javel, Boston College