"Women, Men, and Gender" by Mary Roth            Walsh

Women, Men, and Gender Ongoing Debates Mary Roth Walsh

Publication date:
28 Aug 1996
Yale University Press
472 pages: 254 x 178mm

Gender controversies—about knowing and learning, conversational style, partner violence, sexuality, leadership styles, and pornography—provoke heated discussion. Now Mary Roth Walsh explores eighteen current controversies, presenting two opposing views on each subject, all from recognized experts representing psychology, psychiatry, sociolinguistics, education, sociology, law, and management science. Walsh provides an introductory essay, individual introductions to each topic, and more than 1800 bibliographical citations.
The format of this book is based on Walsh's Psychology of Women: Ongoing Debates, which was published in 1987 to great acclaim. Women, Men, and Gender presents new issues and up-to-date articles that are of relevance to the general reader and today's students of gender studies.
I. Fundamental Questions
• Should we continue to study gender differences?
• Are gender differences wired into our biology?
• Are race, class, and gender of comparable importance in producing inequality?

II. Power and Influence Strategies
• Do women and men speak different languages?
• Are women's superior nonverbal skills caused by their oppression?
• Do women and men have different negotiation styles?
III. Sexuality
• Is pornography harmful to women?
• Is one's sexual orientation determined by biology?
IV. Violence
• Are women as likely as men to initiate physical assaults in partner relationships?
• Are rape statistics exaggerated?
V. Knowing and Learning
• Do women and men have different ways of knowing?
• Is biology the cause of gender differences in math performance?
VI. The Workplace
• Do women and men have different ways of leading?
• Is sex stereotyping the cause of workplace discrimination?
VII. Psychotherapy
• Is there gender bias in the 1994 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV)?
• Does the Stone Center's relational theory reinforce male privilege?
VIII. Social Change
• Do mothers harm their children when they work outside the home?
• Is the mythopoetic men's movement creating new obstacles for women?

Mary Roth Walsh is professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, and a Fellow of both the American Psychological Association and the American Psychological Society. 

"A superb book. Eighteen basic issues in gender, women's, and men's studies are debated, the controversies within each area are right on target for currency and importance, and each debate has a fresh feel to it, addressing issues from the late 1990s."?Margaret W. Matlin

"Mary Roth Walsh's extremely useful reader, Women, Men, and Gender . . . shows how to approach such questions intelligently, critically and honestly."?Louise Antony, Times Literary Supplement

"Rich, stimulating, fascinating. . . . A superb and comprehensive overview, collecting the latest thinking and research in a number of areas central to gender studies and to feminist theory. . . . This book serves as a most useful resource on the state of gender theorizing. Practitioners, scholars, and teachers will find it enormously helpful in examining the ways in which gender is so crucial a category in understanding, for example, ways of knowing and learning, gender in the workplace, and the gendering of domestic violence and rape."?Joan Laird, Journal of Feminist Family Therapy