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Morrison, Kathryn A.
Sklar, Kathryn Kish
Hiesinger, Kathryn Bloom
Rudy, Kathryn M.
Klein, Kathryn
James, Kathryn
De Luna, Kathryn M.
Brush, Kathryn

By Title:

The Ambonese Herbal Book II; Book III; Containing the Aromatic Trees: Being Those That Have Aromatic Fruits, Barks or Redolent Wood; Containing Those Trees, Which Produce Some Resin, Notable Flowers, or Hurtful Milk
Postcards on Parchment
English Shops and Shopping
The Ambonese Herbal Book 8; Book 9; Containing Potherbs Used for Food, Medicine, and Sport; Concerning Bindweeds, as Well as Twining and Creeping Plants
The Ambonese Herbal Book I; Containing All Sorts of Trees, That Bear Edible Fruits, and are Husbanded by People
Vastly More Than Brick and Mortar
El Hilo Contino
Collecting Modern
Florence Kelley and the Nation's Work

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