Yale's Pevsner Architectural Guides series is awarded The Longman - History Today Trustees' Award 2013

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Yale University Press is proud to announce that the Pevsner Architectural Guides series has won the Longman - History Today Trustees' Award.

The Longman - History Today Trustees' Award is given for 'a major contribution to history' and represents an acknowledgement of the dedication of those working on the series and the impeccably high standards that they maintain.

Upon receiving the award, Yale Editor Sally Salvesen said: 

'In the early 70s when Nikolaus Pevsner was nearing completion of the first editions of the Buildings of England a Guardian journalist enquired how he would feel at the end and he responded: Very tired. And in 2002 when we acquired the series from Penguin we knew how we felt: Very proud, but also somewhat overawed by the magnitude of our responsibilities. We had taken on a national treasure – and we would be balancing on the shoulders of giants. Would we prove up to the task?

The Yale / Pevsner partnership has run for 10 years. And in 10 years’ time we will – we believe – have completed the revision of the Buildings of England. The Buildings of Scotland and of Wales will also be complete, and even perhaps the Buildings of Ireland. We hope too that you will be able to take your smart phone with you when you are out and about, and have all our information at your fingertips.

In doing this work, we owe a profound debt to historians of many sorts who provide information for us. People who have explored and interrogated the buildings around them with passion and dedication and share their knowledge generously. We also depend on you to go on buying the books as they come out. Without that commitment the future would look precarious.

Our debt to historians makes this award particularly special. There could be no stronger affirmation of the continuing importance of our built heritage and of the work of the Pevsner Architectural Guides. The whole Yale / Pevsner team is very grateful.'

Details of the award and a full list of winners in all categories can be found here, along with a slideshow of the award ceremony.

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