History of Religion Textbooks

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The Dissolution of the Monasteries

A New History

James Clark


A New Translation of the Ancient Epic

Sophus Helle

The Stripping of the Altars

Traditional Religion in England, 1400-1580

Eamon Duffy

That All Shall Be Saved

Heaven, Hell, and Universal Salvation

David Bentley Hart

Hot Protestants

A History of Puritanism in England and America

Michael P. Winship

Women and Gender in Islam

Historical Roots of a Modern Debate

Leila Ahmed

Foreword by Kecia Ali

Liberty in the Things of God

The Christian Origins of Religious Freedom

Robert Louis Wilken

The Age of Reform, 1250-1550

An Intellectual and Religious History of Late Medieval and Reformation Europe

Steven Ozment

Foreword by Carlos M. N. Eire and Ronald K. Rittgers

God's Library

The Archaeology of the Earliest Christian Manuscripts

Brent Nongbri

When Christians Were Jews

The First Generation

Paula Fredriksen

On the Happy Life

St. Augustine's Cassiciacum Dialogues, Volume 2

Saint Augustine

Translated by Michael P. Foley

Against the Academics

St. Augustine's Cassiciacum Dialogues, Volume 1

Saint Augustine

Translated by Michael P. Foley


The Pagans' Apostle

Paula Fredriksen


The Early Modern World, 1450-1650

Carlos M. N. Eire

Holy Resilience

The Bible's Traumatic Origins

David M. Carr

Heretics and Believers

A History of the English Reformation

Peter Marshall


The Divided Heart

David Wolpe

Martin Luther

Visionary Reformer

Scott H. Hendrix

Thomas Cranmer

A Life

Diarmaid MacCulloch

George Whitefield

America's Spiritual Founding Father

Thomas S. Kidd

The Rise of Thomas Cromwell

Power and Politics in the Reign of Henry VIII, 1485-1534

Michael Everett

Eastern Orthodox Christianity

The Essential Texts

Bryn Geffert and Theofanis G. Stavrou

John Knox

Jane Dawson

Earthly Mission

The Catholic Church and World Development

Robert Calderisi

Spiritual Defiance

Building a Beloved Community of Resistance

Robin Meyers

Medieval Christianity

A New History

Kevin Madigan

Before Religion

A History of a Modern Concept

Brent Nongbri

How the Bible Became Holy

Michael L Satlow


The Place of the Poor in the Biblical Tradition

Gary A. Anderson

Saints and Sinners

A History of the Popes

Eamon Duffy

The Experience of God

Being, Consciousness, Bliss

David Bentley Hart

The Huguenots

Geoffrey Treasure

The Spanish Inquisition

A Historical Revision

Henry Kamen

The Conversion of Scandinavia

Vikings, Merchants, and Missionaries in the Remaking of Northern Europe

Anders Winroth

The First Thousand Years

A Global History of Christianity

Robert Louis Wilken

The Late Medieval English Church

Vitality and Vulnerability Before the Break with Rome

G.W. Bernard

The Serpent and the Lamb

Cranach, Luther, and the Making of the Reformation

Steven Ozment

Holy Bones, Holy Dust

How Relics Shaped the History of Medieval Europe

Charles Freeman

Marking the Hours

English People and Their Prayers, 1240-1570

Eamon Duffy


The First Modern Revolution

Steve Pincus

Among the Gentiles

Greco-Roman Religion and Christianity

Luke Timothy Johnson

The Madonna of 115th Street

Faith and Community in Italian Harlem, 1880-1950

Robert A. Orsi

Fires of Faith

Catholic England under Mary Tudor

Eamon Duffy

Atheist Delusions

The Christian Revolution and Its Fashionable Enemies

David Bentley Hart

The Great Awakening

The Roots of Evangelical Christianity in Colonial America

Thomas S. Kidd


Man Between God and the Devil

Heiko A. Oberman

Translated by Eileen Walliser-Schwarzbart

The Spirit of Early Christian Thought

Seeking the Face of God

Robert Louis Wilken

Jonathan Edwards

A Life

George M. Marsden

The Voices of Morebath

Reformation and Rebellion in an English Village

Eamon Duffy

The First Urban Christians

The Social World of the Apostle Paul

Wayne A. Meeks


A Thousand Years of Faith and Power

Jonathan M. Bloom and Sheila S. Blair

William Tyndale

A Biography

David Daniell

From Jesus to Christ

The Origins of the New Testament Images of Christ

Paula Fredriksen

Jesus Through the Centuries

His Place in the History of Culture

Jaroslav Pelikan

The Death of the Messiah, From Gethsemane to the Grave, Volume 2

A Commentary on the Passion Narratives in the Four Gospels

Raymond E. Brown

The Death of the Messiah, From Gethsemane to the Grave, Volume 1

A Commentary on the Passion Narratives in the Four Gospels

Raymond E. Brown

Mary Through the Centuries

Her Place in the History of Culture

Jaroslav Pelikan

Tyndale's New Testament

Translated by William Tyndale

Edited by David Daniell

The Death and Resurrection of the Beloved Son

The Transformation of Child Sacrifice in Judaism and Christianity

Jon D. Levenson

Persephone's Quest

Entheogens and the Origins of Religion

R. Gordon Wasson, Stella Kramrisch, Carl Ruck and Jonathan Ott

The Treasures of Darkness

A History of Mesopotamian Religion

Thorkild Jacobsen