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Our Editors

The YUPL list is diverse and ambitious. I commission books across Medieval, Early Modern and Modern History up to the late nineteenth century and with a focus on Europe, Asia and Africa. I am especially interested in major narratives which reframe themes, periods and ideas. At the same time I am excited by tightly conceived original studies including biographies. I also acquire more broadly across the Humanities, particularly in Literature, Religion and Philosophy. I steer our Little Histories collection of books, which aims to engage all readers in the broadest subjects.

I am very keen to expand and develop our programme with new voices and talents, especially those who wish their research and ideas to reach a broad audience and write for a general readership. I am proud to have published a great many authors at the Press, including AC Grayling, Yasmin Khan, Barry Cunliffe, Terry Eagleton, Keith Thomas, Ronald Hutton, Christopher Wickham, Nigel Warburton, Richard Holloway, Bill Hayton, Tim Mackintosh-Smith and Fiona Stafford.

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Julian Loose | Editorial Director, Trade & Academic

At Yale's London office we are uniquely placed to publish books by experts and academics which will appeal to the general reader. I particularly enjoy working closely with new and established writers to shape and develop their texts for a wide readership. My areas include the arts and cultural history, history and social history, popular science and the history of ideas.

I was an editor at Faber and Faber for many years. There I was lucky enough to publish such authors as Jenny Uglow (The Lunar Men), James Shapiro (1599: A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare), Orhan Pamuk (Istanbul: Memories and the City), Jan Morris (Trieste and the Meaning of Nowhere), Michael Frayn (The Human Touch), Fiona MacCarthy (The Last Pre-Raphaelite), Lucy Worsley (If Walls Could Talk), Francis Spufford (Golden Hill), Robin Dunbar (Grooming, Gossip and the Evolution of Language), and David Edmonds and John Eidinow (Wittgenstein’s Poker).

At YUPL I seek to commission books of similar breadth and resonance. History titles include Margarette Lincoln's London and the Seventeenth Century and Rebecca Clifford's Survivors: Children's Lives after the Holocaust, Andrew Lambert's Seapower States, Roger Crowley's Accursed Tower, Rory Muir's Gentlemen of Uncertain Fortune and Stephen Taylor's Sons of the Waves. Books on literature and culture include John Carey's A Little History of Poetry and Susan Tomes's The Piano, Mike Jay's Mescaline, James McAuley's The House of Fragile Things, John Batchelor's How the Just So Stories Were Made and Natalya Semenova's The Collector.

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Joanna Godfrey | Senior Commissioning Editor, Trade & Academic

I handle our modern history and current affairs lists in Yale's London office. I'm looking for original, cutting-edge research written in an accessible narrative voice. I enjoy working both with experienced authors and early career scholars and have a track record in guiding academics through the process of publishing their first trade book.

In history, I'm particularly interested in human-centred stories – whether from social history, cultural history or military history – across the long twentieth century and around the world. My current affairs list is similarly global in scope and includes country-specific studies and broader books on the key issues affecting us internationally – from polarization and misinformation to inequality and climate change.

Recent and forthcoming highlights include Danny Dorling's Slowdown, George Makari's Of Fear and Strangers, Vladislav Zubok's Collapse: The Fall of the Soviet Union, Nelly Lahoud's The Bin Laden Papers, Graeme Garrard's The Return of the State and Chris Armstrong's A Blue New Deal.

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Mark Eastment | Editorial Director of Museums & Institutional Partnerships

YUPL has a long and proud history of creating beautiful, award-winning books on art and architecture. We publish both new authors and world-renowned scholars, and we partner with many distinguished institutions. Ours is an extraordinarily wide-ranging list.
We welcome academic works which will contribute significantly to the specialist art history canon. In addition, we are concentrating on monographs which address contemporary and developing readerships.
We are actively looking for new partnerships with museums and institutions to produce catalogues or books which represent major collections. Current and recent partnerships include the Bard Graduate Center, Historic Royal Palaces, the London Transport Museum, the Fitzwilliam Museum, the National Trust and the Musée du Louvre.
As a commissioning editor, my recent titles include Rick Poynor’s David King, Amy de la Haye’s Ravishing: The Rose in Fashion, Oliver Watson’s Ceramics of Iran, Ian Collins' John Craxton-A life of Gifts, Roy Strong’s The Elizabethan Image, David Bownes' Hidden London: Discovering the Forgotten Underground and David Ekserdjian's The Italian Renaissance Altarpiece.
Email: [email protected]

Sophie Neve | Commissioning Editor, Trade & Academic Art

I acquire books across the visual arts, particularly art, architecture and dress history. I'm drawn to ambitious and original proposals that are inviting to a broad audience, from academics and students to gallery-goers and readers who perhaps know nothing at all about the subject.

My list includes ambitious surveys with a wide historical and geographic scope that are accessible but at the same time deeply informative. I'm also interested in narrative-led projects that offer thought-provoking ideas and new ways of thinking about art and visual culture. Finally, I am also eager to build on the art list's unparalleled reputation for publishing original, thoroughly-researched works that have a real impact on the field.

Recent titles include Ben Street's How to Enjoy Art, Clive Aslet's The Story of the Country House and David Jackson's Danish Golden Age Painting.

Email: [email protected]

Submitting Your Book

Thank you for thinking of submitting your book to Yale University Press London.

Yale University Press London (YUPL) publishes world class scholarship for a broad readership.
Our aim is to produce serious works that contribute to a global understanding of human affairs, that stimulate public debate, educate both within and outside the classroom, and enhance cultural life. Our authors write prize-winning histories, investigate topics of current political and social interest, and illuminate great cultural and artistic achievements.

YUPL’s list is evolving. The Press and its acquiring editors are actively committed to a diverse list of books focusing on contemporary and historic issues. We actively welcome new voices and scholarship representing the entire community we serve.

Above you will find the areas of interest of our Editors and a description of the books they acquire and publish. Our areas of publishing include history, art and architecture, music, current affairs, literature and popular science. If you have a project you might like us to consider, please take a look at some recent YUPL publications in your area to get a sense of the list. We would love to hear from you - we are particularly keen to receive proposals from first-time authors who can bring their area of expertise to a wide audience.

Submissions should include:
- a covering letter to include a brief description of what the book is about and a short author biography
- thoughts on the potential readership and comparable books
- estimated wordcount, likely delivery date, number of illustrations and figures (if any)
- a table of contents
- an introductory chapter and another chapter that best represents the book (or the equivalent)
- a CV